I’m working on my Ph.D in Microbiology at the University of Guelph.  Geoff and I were married in 2005 and we have two lovely cats.
About Me
Things I like
Furry kittens
Good experiments
Nice people
Fall weather
A tasty meal
Old songs
Old friends
My house
Herbal tea
Coffee in the morning
Computers that work
Columbia Icefield, Banff
Cloud Forest, Ecuador
Grand Xcaret, Mexico
My trips....
Things I don’t like
Angry birds
Experiments that fail
Mean people
Extreme hot and cold
Yucky leftovers
Pot roast
Overly loud songs
New people
The library
Bitter expresso
Shouting in the morn
Computers that suck
France (no offense)
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Paris, France
Things I’ve played air guitar on....
6L erlynmeyer flasks
The air
Photo, Welcome page: Xel Ha, Mexico
All photos on this site taken by Geoff, me, or someone asked by us to use the camera.
The cottage, Parry Sound