What a Good Safari!
aka “I’m not the weirdest one in my family!”
This is an older video captured at my parents’ home.  Candace, in her defense, was younger; there also was some discussion of whether or not my camera was actually recording (it was).  Any parents viewing this video should be warned to supervise their children... there are some scary parts (like when she goes “wwwAAGgggghhh”)!
Movie time!
Key for anyone that doesn’t know the cats:
Loki = large, grey tabby (11.2 lbs last time we checked)
Orbit = tiny, brown tabby (not yet weighed, but about the same as a can of pop)
UPDATE: Orbit is now (not in this movie, I mean NOW now) about 2.2 lbs.
Loki and Orbit meet at the cottage
Our ‘little’ Loki met a new friend this Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage.  My parents and sister adopted a barn cat (see my blog) named Orbit, and this was the first time we put the whole cat crew into one place.  Aslan and Wily are a lot more refined in character, and so stayed out of a lot of the cat-wrestling, but Loki and Orbit appeared to have a great time.  I’m just amazed that everyone still has their ears intact!